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Acorn lake has evolved over the last 20 years as probably the best course fishing lake in the area, with a variety of species and an ever increasing stock of large carp.



We provide a first class fishing without over-stocking.  There are twenty swims around the lake, though we restrict the number of fishermen to a maximum of six.



As a former Carp breeding lake, Acorn holds a good head of Carp, along with Roach, Perch, Bream and Rudd, making it more interesting than a run-of-the-mill commercial carp lake, where everything other species is often removed. In terms of the fishing experience, many customers have told us that it is the best lake they have ever fished. 


In the last year, weights of over 100 pounds of fish in a day were common, and it is very common to see 20lb+ carp being landed by customers.

Acorn lake is fed from two springs and is rich in natural food, all the fish are in superb condition and this year have shown huge growth rates. To maintain the condition of the fish we have a no keep net policy and only barbless hooks are allowed.  Unhooking mats are to be used at all times. 


Acorn lake was originally formed as a carp breading lake some 25 years ago.  The last time it was drained was fifteen years ago, when the lake was restocked with carp up to 10 pounds.  What these original carp weigh now is anybody’s guess.  In 2017 the biggest carp to be caught from the lake to date was landed after a titanic battle - a monster 38lb mirror in perfect condition that is now fondly known as "Maximus".  Maximus has been seen regularly on the surface on hot summer days, and has clearly put on an impressive amount of extra weight, but has become the craftiest of fish in the lake, and has yet to be re-caught.  Could you be the one to break the lake record by landing him again?


The lake is fantastic for incresing the weight of carp, with one known carp weighing in at 10 pounds in May, and by September weighed 15 pounds!  In 2017, a further ten prime Carp to 35 pounds were added during the winter stocking programme, which included a grass Carp of 32 pounds (which has recently been caught).


Due to our constant stocking, most of the carp in our lake have never been caught, and don’t know what a boilie is, the ones that have been tempted fight like crazy. The best bait? Pepperoni! 

The largest Roach to come out of the lake this year was two and a half pounds.  There are at least two Roach of 4 pounds.  Get them feeding, and you can have a good days fishing with half and one pound Roach on every cast. 

In 2016, we introduced Bream to the lake.  Around 50 large fish to 6 pounds.  They seem to have settled in well.  Fishing just on the bottom with a wagler float and sweetcorn for bait, the float rises and you are into one!  They fight hard!  This year, the largest bream to be caught is a splendid fish of 9 pounds 6 oz.

There is nothing better than fishing just under the surface for these beautiful fish.  The largest one to come out this year was a superb two and a half pounds. With many around the pound mark.  They seem to feed best in the evening whereby the fishing is excellent. I am sure there are larger fish in the lake, time will tell. 


We have now added to the lake a few Tench all around 2 kilo's.  Further stocking of this beautiful fish will be carried out throughout the Winter as good quality fish can be found. 

Predators such as Pike are always a controversial addition to any fishery, but the fact is that fisheries need them to thrive, not only do they control the number of smaller fish, they can also help control any diseases by eating the sick fish before they infect the rest of the stock. We have added four pike to the lake weighing 5 pounds each, and are sure they will put on weight fast! This lake never stops to amaze, and this year a super Pike came out weighing 22lb and another fisherman tried to catch one that was estimated at 30 pounds.



Just when you think that you have to go and buy some new stock of Perch along comes a monster, well a large one for around here.  It weighed 3lb 3oz. There have been several others caught around 2lb. 



Our aim is to give you an amazing and relaxing fishing experience.



We will be delighted to pick you up from Limoges Airport (25 mins travel time) for free!



We can also lend you fishing gear including rod, reels and end tackle at no cost!




Please do not hesitate to contact us for more info or to make a booking.





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