Acorn lake
Acorn lake

Its my Blog I can say what i want too!


The meaning of life


Now for this blog you have to allow me a little, well perhaps loads of artistic licence, and hope for me the blond dose not read it.....message from the blonde..I have just read it!!!


For a start, I am now of that age when one day I am going to wake up with one of them tartan shopping trolleys at the bottom of my bed and shiny hairless legs, another thing they tell me nowadays that in nightclubs that tecno music is so loud if a bird comes up to you and says do you fancy a shag, you think she says do you want to buy me a drink, and say no.


So, there I was in this French nightclub the other night and there was this hot red head on the dance floor, I like red heads, a lot, loads, So off I go and say to her in perfect French, do you fancy a bit of dad dancing gal. After around 30 seconds she said oohhor ooohor(that’s French) do you want to come and sit in the Buddha lounge (the dad dancing always works) Yes I said trying to look disappointed.


It was nice in there, lots of people sitting cross-legged eating duck legs going ummmmmm, the bit about duck legs is not true, not that any of it is, but I put that bit in just to say the ducks have finally gone from the lake, and very tasty they were as well! Anyway I digress, so after a bit of deep and meaningful conversation, like how did you get in that dress? She said to me Richaaaard (that’s French for Richard) what do you do for a living?


I said I fish.


That’s right we have finally got to the point of the blog, and the meaning of life, I have given up the building work while I can still hold a fishing rod and walk to my swim. I am now a professional fisherman, this means I can spend more time down the lake cutting down brambles and cutting the grass, making the lake even better for 2016.


It also means I will also have the time to try and break the lake record, a magnificent 258 lb of fish in one days fishing set by Alan in May 2015.


Thank you to all my customers this year it has been brilliant  


Its my lake I can fish how i want too

I am getting old, they tell me 58 years old is not old, but let me tell you it feels old, real old. You wake up in the morning with bits of you not so stiff in as they used to be, and bits so stiff you cant walk. This morning for example I cant even lift my coffee cup my arm hurts so much.


I smile, a huge grin, when you catch over two hundred pounds a fish in a few hours it is worth drinking your coffee through a straw!


Then there is the fishing, I mean what’s going on today, you have blokes and birds walking around in all that camo gear, living in camo tents, cooking on camo cookers, I bet you they even wear camo thongs. They use camo weights, camo lines, low reflection rods, then they cast out 10 miles with a bright florescent red boiley on. Have they gone mad.


Then there are them other nutters, the ones that go out and spend two grand on a 20 mile long pole thing with knicker elastic coming out of the end, they use half an once breaking strain line and size 22 hooks and feed 4 pellets at a time. And they moan when they get there line smashed by a big fish. Get a life and go out and spend 30 quid on a garabinio rocket carp waggler rod, that’s what I say.


You see I started my proper fishing on the Norfolk broads in the 70s, you used to turn up for a match with a hangover and sick all down the side of your car, your flairs tucked into your socks. You had a bacon sandwich and off you went to your peg carrying tons of ground bait. When the match started it was like a naval bombardment as thousands of huge balls of ground bait got chucked to the far bank. Then you waited and watched your swing tip. Boy did we catch some fish. Then there was the art of stick floating, where has that gone, you cant even buy a decent stick float nowadays. If you got it right and fed often and a lot you had the fish waiting at the end of your swim, a two pound roach a chuck.


Now Acorn lake is not the Norfolk broads, for a start there are no huge boats full of semi naked girls intent on breaking your line and hearts (must try and do something about that). But the principle is the same, feed the fish and you will catch, get them gagging for your hook bait throw in hand fulls of the special pellets at a time. My gear could be considered as crude, but it works, size 12 hook tied direct to 6 pound mainline, loaded waggler float and a bb shot 9 inches from the hook, sweet corn as bait.


Twenty five four pound beam, loads of roach to a pound, carp to ten pounds, and then, ooooo then this beautiful common carp that when I got it to the bank half an hour later it weighed in at 14 kilos.



That’s what I call fishing, no pole in sight and I had a bright red shirt on.

The important things in life, fishing, football and sex


I would love my beloved Norwich city to win the league, no though really, I really really would, but it ain’t going to happen, you see there are loads of rich Arabs, Russians and a few yanks who seem content to spend their billions on trying to win it for the teams they own. And to be honest if our queen Delia ever did sell out, I would feel cheated if the new owner went on to spend billions to try and win something.

Call me a stupid romantic old fool but I quite like the fact that our hero the horse is an ex tyre fitter from up north somewhere.

Anyway for every winner there is a QPR and a Leeds.

And strangely all that stuff above has something to do with fishing!

You see the other day I was reading one of my competitor web sites and it proclaimed with pride that all its huge carp were tri something or other and cant breed. So there are no small carp in the lake. And no doubt no so called inferior fish like Roach Tench Bream and Perch.

Well I was just gob smacked, whilst I can somewhat relate with the fish, what with not having a shag for what seems like years. I could just not believe what I was reading, is this what fishing has come to?

Ya just turn up at this lake and catch a 60 pound carp or nothing at all! Don’t seem right to me!

Anyway im pleased to say that Acornlake is not like that, not one little bit, in fact the only thing it has in common with that lake is water. If you come, you catch fish, happy fish who have a shag once a year! If you want to catch the big ones, you use your skill to find them, not like the other lake where you just know you are going to get a huge one (or nothing) 

And like the football, my lake has evolved into a blinding fishery, not had millions thrown at it just so fishermen can catch only big carp.

So for a few days there we actually had some warm weather stuff, that was nice, all my plants in the polly tunnel were growing like mad, and the margins of the lake were alive with fish, they hadn’t started all that breeding stuff yet, more like all meeting up after sulking in the deep parts of the lake for the winter, a bit like a sort of night club on a Friday night in Norwich, though the female fish didn’t have short skirts on and their bits hanging out.

Its the same old story really i have got this beautiful lake and hardly fished it this winter, I have been too busy getting everything ready for the summer and the fishermen. Then something happened that made me want to fish for weeks non stop, I was down on one of the new swims that I have built with me watering can in my hand, bent down to get some water for my plants, and this huge mirror carp jumped half out of the water and swam off leaving behind a huge bow wave and me needing to change my underpants!

I have never seen that one before!

Then the snow came again! So now no fishing for a bit, well quite a while really, the blonde has said I have to finish the swimming pool before I can go fishing, not that I take a lot of notice! Yes this year for all our fishermen we are going to have a swimming pool for those really hot days and nights. I am just to nice I should let them jump in the breeding pond!



New Year - New Blog......



Well, I have been slacking!  It has been 4 months since I last wrote a blog and to let you know how the Lake is coming on. Since then, Winter has come and gone, the lake froze up for four weeks, it was more like a skating rink, even cliff the coypu decided it was not what he was looking for and went to bother someone else.  They eat water lily’s you know, well not mine I am glad to say!
Now Spring has truly arrived.  I walked round the Lake yesterday, gob smacked I was, my weeping willows are full of fresh buds and their branches are falling towards the calm waters. The fish are dancing in the water again and the fresh shoots of the marginal reeds are sprouting, pushing themselves above the surface. The morning sun is now strong again, shimmering on the water, man I want to go fishing.... but alas, I have work to do..., and it won't be long before the fish start their version of shagging, don’t want to disturb that, do we! 
It was then I realised that it was 50 years ago I caught my first fish.  A 4 ounce Roach on a rod made from a tank aerial that my Uncle told me came from Rommel's tanks, well I believed him. 
It has been four months since I have been fishing....Four whole months! Well I have an excuse.  The blonde said she would not move to France unless I finished the house, and at Christmas I was too busy feeding a Mother in Law and various Sisters. 
The house is nearly finished, and the blonde is installed, fussing and faffing as they do.   I am down the Lake every day. Goodbye dear, I say, I am going to work, trying to hide my huge smile. 
Ooooooooooooo what nice work!




April, brings Berti Bream.......
Over the Winter I pondered, but not for long.  Do, I want a Carp Lake, or a mixed course Fishing Lake, and then I got a call - Richard they said, "Do you want any Bream?" What a stupid question to ask a Norfolk boy. 
The Lake down the road is a Carp Lake, for big Carp, for some reason they want no other fish than 40 pound plus Carp, and they all have names! So when the Bream are caught they are sent away, and I have got loads of them. Up and down them winding French lanes I was at 2 miles an hour playing taxi driver to Berti Bream, and nice ones they were too, the biggest around six pounds. They also gave me some nice Rudd and Perch. 
You know, when I put them Bream in my Lake, I am sure they smiled, they were loved again. 
I guess it is because I was brought up fishing the Norfolk Broads, where a day's fishing could produce anything from a Cocky Ruff to a Pike and everything in between, that I didn’t want this Lake just full of huge Carp. I didn’t want to walk round the Lake talking to my customers, saying "How is the fishing"? and them replying "Well I had a nice bite yesterday morning". 
Though I suppose I would have sold more beer and bacon rolls, to alleviate their boredom. 
There is nothing better than hitting into a Bream Shoal, as I found out in the broads open in 1976, I was sitting on the peg next to the winner! I came second from last!



September 2011 

Every good Norfolk boy from that period, you know, that one, when you were spotty in the 70s, had only three dreams. The first was to play for Norwich City - well that did not work, I had two left feet. The second dream was to spend a few nights with Debbie Harry - well join the queue, and pass the tissues. So I have ended up with dream three - my own Fishing Lake in the middle of France.

And boy what a Fishing Lake!
I am sitting here now on the veranda of La Bar, or should I say the shell of what is going to be the bar and bistro. I should really be finishing off the roof tiling, but hey its a nice day and the fish are dancing for me. How does a twenty pound carp fly? 
So there is lots of work to do but we will not be opening until May next year so time for a little fish and a beer or two
SPLASH, there goes another one!
The blonde, my long suffering girlfriend, looks a bit like Baby Spice, normally, but the day I came home and told her I had just spent my money on a Fishing Lake in France, she looked more like Scary Spice! 
Well it wasn’t my fault, I had a load of money in my pocket from the sale of the Spanish house, and when I stopped off near Limoges, there was this blinding lake for sale, I just had to have it. You will be pleased to know normal relationships have been resumed,



October 2011 

Nobody told me that owning your own lake means you fish less, there was me thinking I can just sit there for hours fishing to my hearts content, and what happens? 
Well I am building that’s what, The roof tiles are finally on the bar, and now all the plastering is done, so before I decorate and fit the kitchen I am going to spend an hour fishing. (even though the blonde is in England I still look over my shoulder first)!
All my gear is locked in the caravan, and as I get it out I feel a little guilty, should I really be working? It soon passes, as I have plenty of time left!  Earlier in the day I had seen them dark shapes lurking in the shallows of the eastern end of the Lake, they are big, but how big I don’t know yet.  I should really fish for them so I can post photos on the web site, but today I have something else planned. I want to catch one of the huge roach in here. 
I am the sort of fisherman who loves fishing with light tackle, give me my 11 foot waggler rod and some 4 pound line and I am a happy man! I set up on the western end of the lake, at a swim I call the toilet swim, for no other reason that’s where the old toilet is, then again I am reminded of the work still left to do before hopefully the fishermen come next May! 
I am using sweetcorn, two bits on a size 10 hook, the depth here is about two and a half meters my shot are well down the line and I am fishing just off the bottom, come on you big roach. First cast float settles and boooomph, man that was an express train 15 minutes later and in the landing net was a beautiful 12 pound carp what beautiful condition these fish are. Cast out again and as the float settles booooompth, this time a 5 pound carp, I should feel disappointed, but no, these are fish that have never been caught and are in tip top condition. 
I had to wait for 30 minutes for my next bite, but boy was it worth it, the clutch screamed on the reel I knew I was into something big, sure enough twenty minutes later I was sharing the bank with this humpbacked mirror of just over twenty pounds, what a lovely fish! 
In just over an hours fishing I realised.  Why I have brought the lake, and all the work I am doing is worth it.   I didn’t catch the roach I wanted but there is plenty of time, after I have finished the bar, and the new showers, and the solar panels, and...


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For 2016 we have simplified our pricing structure.


The cost for a one nights stay including accommodation and fishing is £40 per person, anytime from April until October. Minumum stay 3 nights.


Non fishepersons are charged £20 per person per night.


Why not Fly over, We pick you up from Limoges Airport, lend you the fishing gear and take you back for Free!


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